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How to Reach busy Life Science Customer

Ever tried seeking an appointment with a Life Science customer?

Most of them are busy, either in a meeting or in an experiment or just busy. On some lucky day, when you do get the appointment, on reaching the venue, the customer would be suddenly called into an urgent meeting. It would seem as the whole universe wanted to save them from you. You surprised to know that you are not alone .

So, to find out more I inquired with one my friendly Life Science customers. He complained that, throughout their days work, they are hoarded with Life Science sales reps who just wanted to say hello with little value addition. Further He mentioned that if he wants to know something he just googles.

Nothing new, in today’s digital powered world, Life Science customers , tirelessly explore online, to understand, unearth and satisfy their latent curiosity or a problem, identify their needs, explore latest technologies, research and analyse different solutions and short list solution providers.

This happens, even before a thought of making a purchase and much beyond our radar of lead identification.

No wonder the reluctance in meeting us.

Accepting this fact, I researched how do baffled souls like us better our wins?

Rhetoric solution which emerged was - reverse the chase.

Instead of finding the customer, help customer find you.

This stems from the fact that when one is actively surfing for information of their interest, they sheds their inhibition, lower their guard, shuts the logical filters and are more open to be engaged, influenced, inspired and entertained.

This could be our narrow window of opportunity to grab their mind share in this ever crowded noisy market.

This is easier said than done.

If you are facing similar and want to know the way out contact us.

"B2S Customer engagement".

Keep watching this space if you are in the business of engaging with science customer- who knows you might learn from my pitfalls and empower yourself.